Adding to what Tre said

The blog Tre wrote made me well up a lil bit too.

What he said though about it destroying him is so very humbling, something that I need to do more often. These songs are so powerful that they can and do take down even the most prideful of people. That can only be GOD!!

Praise music is certainly worship, it sets the tone for our awesome church services, it inspires prayer, it is a testimony and helps you seek the Lord.

Everyday are faced with strong temptations and demons, and praise music is a powerful weapon to fight the enemy.  Unfortunately for me its more difficult to grab my bible first because I am mad and wanna be mad. However Tre made me a Christian music Pandora station, turning it on while mad convicts me almost instantly. Humbled and childlike I am able to pick up the Living Word of God and let Jesus back into the driver’s seat.

Too many of us get away from God. We are content with going to church on Sunday, and a bible study mid-week. Sometimes we hang out with other brothers and sisters in Christ and don’t even think about God until its time to eat. If that.

We should challenge ourselves to include God in our entire day. Turn off the regular radio, make a station or a CD for the car or something, put stuff on your Ipod mp3 player or what ever. Bring your bible with you everywhere and use if a challenge arises no matter how big or small. Let God wreck you.  The more we seek him the more complete we become.

You could unknowingly be witnessing to others too.

Here is another tune that, to me, explains how Tre feels when being

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