God in the Everyday

A quick post today folks. Not a lot of time but I’ve decided to do my best to post something every other day at least.

About a week ago I was in a small group on a Tuesday night. At the end of group we had prayer time with some light music, etc. I was having the hardest time “breaking down the wall” and connecting with God. I was in a funk and couldn’t seem to get into God’s presence.

That night I went home and (once again) told myself how our line of thought is connected to what we’ve been doing lately. I hadn’t been in my Bible (truth be told, I have always struggled with regular Bible reading), hadn’t been praying daily…and it affected my mood…it kept me from the presence of God! That sucks!!!

I decided to commit to do all that I could from then on to make God part of my “everyday” – not just Sunday, but everyday. Furthermore I started to think about those days that go by, maybe a Saturday spent with friends at the beach or whatever, but those days where you stop and realize: I pretty much didn’t think about God today except when I prayed over dinner…and maybe even that was kinda just ritualistic.

So I took it a step further and decided I would try to keep God in my thoughts throughout the day. A good man from church said during a small group once that instead of talking to yourself, muttering things as you work, or whatever…Say even those little dumb things to God.

So instead of walking into the garage and saying to yourself, “Man where is my saw? I coulda sworn I put it over there…” instead say “God where is my saw? I coulda sworn I put it over there, God.”

The idea is that you’re thinking of and talking to God all day, throughout the day, thus keeping him in your head, fresh. Another thing I do is put on worship music. Even if it’s just in the background I will get reinforcing words throughout the day and occasionally hear a song that “destroys” me (or “pwns” me for you younger crowd) and causes me to break out in worship to God.

Well I have been doing my best and can say that I’ve noticed a big difference. I try to stop and look up and think of God, ask him little questions, say mini-prayers as I walk through my day…sometimes not closing my eyes or stopping what I’m doing but just talking with him.

I have been trying to pray over EVERY meal…not out of ritual per se but because it’s another way to keep me talking to God. Also I’ve been really trying to pray a real prayer over my meals, not just a “dinner prayer”. Surely if we have enough time to eat we can find an extra 60 seconds to say a prayer that encompasses more than just thanking God and “bless this food…”.

I’ve also been reading daily devotionals on http://utmost.org which is the My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers). If you are looking for a quick daily devotional to do that’s easy to pull up anywhere (phone, work, etc.) check it out. It’s gotten me thinking about things and even given me blog ideas!

Lastly I’ve been trying to read my Bible every day, though that hasn’t been as easy as the other things I’ve been doing. I do two small groups a week so I’m getting some Bible reading there, plus Sundays…but I’d guess that on average out of the remaining 4 days in the week I’m reading my Bible 2 of those.

So far it’s been great and I’ve noticed that being focused on God helps to focus your actions on things that God wants for you (funny how that works eh?). I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes as time goes on, especially the Bible reading part.

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I am nothing. Christ is everything. Anything that comes from me first came from Him. Everything I do should be for Him. These are the things we need to remember and why the blog is called "All for Jesus Christ"
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