Holiday Weekend, Kids, Babies and Their Health

Another quick one folks.  Apologies for being so far between entries.  I can be cliché and blame the holiday weekend for it, which was the reason for a few days worth of my absence here…but beyond that I have been busy doing a few things and haven’t budgeted my time such that I could write here more frequently…my bad, for real.  I take this blog seriously (as do the 3 people who have visited it! hahaha!) so I will purpose to be more diligent in my writing.

So as mentioned we just had ourselves a 4th of July weekend and it was the norm: cookout, kids doing sparklers, a fireworks display (Melbourne Causeway) followed by a mini-fireworks show put on by the parents for the kiddies.

I was also fortunate enough to have off Monday, the 5th of July, so I spent it with the kids.  We went up to Ron Jon and CBSC and looked at all kinds of cool stuff that we couldn’t afford!  Oh well, nobody ever said living by a budget was easy.

This week I’ve been trying to really focus on work.  We’re supposed to do everything as if we were doing it for God, not man.  Besides, I owe it to my employer to give my all when they are paying me to work!  I’ve also been working on our family finances, budget, etc.  So again, those are my lame excuses for being away.

Now, on to the “Kids, Babies and Their Health” part of the title.

As some of you may know, our youngest son Collin (4 years old) had a biopsy on a spot that was in the middle of his birthmark, which was on his forearm.  The initial results came back that it was something not to worry about but the lab wanted to be sure and sent it out for a second opinion.

The second opinion came back this week and it’s a bit worse than the first.  They said it’s a moderate abnormal mole of some sort and they want to remove it.  Ok, no big deal right?  Well, here’s the rub: they want to put Collin under anesthesia in order to do this, so that’s a whole ‘nother ball-game.

The thing that pains me to think of this is the fear that Collin will likely have as they are poking and prodding him, giving him some “medicine” that makes him feel funny…I hate to quote Guns N’ Roses but “I’d hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain…”, or in this case, fear.  So please pray for us all to have peace, especially Collin, and for the procedure to go well and no complications from anesthesia.

Now, the “Babies” part has to do with a few people I know who are pregnant.  One of which should be giving birth any day now so pray for her and her family, the baby, etc.  Another is due in a few months (I work with both of these ladies).

I also found out today that an anonymous friend believes his wife is pregnant (pending official test from Doctor).  They don’t want to blab about it until the early portion of the pregnancy has passed, and I don’t blame them after seeing several miscarriages in my family, friends, etc.  But if she really is pregnant please pray for them too.

I know you don’t have names for any of these people but God knows who they are.  Tell Him “Tre sent ya!”

Oh, and Friday is Steph and my 5th anniversary!  Tonight we’re going to Melting Pot (never been, hope I don’t burn my lip on hot cheese) with about 5 other couples to celebrate.  I know, it’s odd to spend your anniversary with friends maybe…sue us.  We have a coupon and we’re not all that romantic!  Trust me, it was HER idea, not mine (but I’m good with it)!

Thanks for stopping by.  A parting note: God will come and meet you where you are if you ask Him.  In fact, he’s already there, so just ask that you feel his Spirit!  When we feel disconnected it’s not that God isn’t there…it’s that we’ve put up some sort of wall, cut the lines of communication, etc.  That’s why I love worship music.  It prepares my heart to receive God, to let Him in, or maybe to just shut down the other static that prevents me from hearing him.

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I am nothing. Christ is everything. Anything that comes from me first came from Him. Everything I do should be for Him. These are the things we need to remember and why the blog is called "All for Jesus Christ"
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