Mobile Posting and Surf This Weekend?

Wow so I installed the blackberry app for the blog today. Figured I should fiddle with it since I took the time to download it eh?

Now I can post random musings instantly, from anywhere! God help us all! Here’s one such post.

I’m hooked on surfing. It’s official. Didn’t take much either. Heck, not only am I trying to surf on a board, now I’m fixing a board for a friend too (which, incidentally…I broke surfing).

So my plans for this weekend hopefully include surfing, along with general family beach fun of course. However once you become addicted to surfing, the question turns to: are there gonna be waves?!?

So goes the Florida lifestyle for us. Beach is almost a foregone conclusion and the boys wanna know if there are waves. My boys can surf on the big foam board if there’s any kind of waves (seriously, like one foot high surf that beast can hoist a kid).

So fellow Floridians, will there be waves this weekend?? Thank God for surfing…really. Just another awesome gift He gave us.


About Tre

I am nothing. Christ is everything. Anything that comes from me first came from Him. Everything I do should be for Him. These are the things we need to remember and why the blog is called "All for Jesus Christ"
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