Under Attack!

Apologies for not blogging in quite some time…what has it been? Two weeks?

I have to say that the past few weeks have been tough to say the least. Not from a standpoint of the car breaking down or trips to the hospital or anything like that…more from the standpoint of the devil putting all kinds of junk in my path.

There have been a few relationship conflicts, hurt feelings, confrontations…and a lot to ponder. Admittedly I allowed the devil to use these things to confuse me and put me in a funk…a funk that kept me away from devotionals, prayer, and writing for the blog.

It’s hard to get out of a funk because the stuff you need to do in order to break free of it are the last things you “feel” like doing in your current state. I’m trying to be disciplined and do them anyways, so here’s hoping I allow myself to receive the Lord’s grace to pull me out of this.

Anyways just a quick update, prayers appreciated and I’ll try to get back on the horse.


About Tre

I am nothing. Christ is everything. Anything that comes from me first came from Him. Everything I do should be for Him. These are the things we need to remember and why the blog is called "All for Jesus Christ"
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One Response to Under Attack!

  1. Janet Seeley says:

    Chin up UP pointed straight up to the heavens.

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