I had a bad day! I’m gonna…

This is something we all go through. We have one of those days where we just feel all wound up tight by the end of it. Sometimes we find ourselves saying things like, “Man! What a day!?! I need…”

Now, depending on how that sentence finishes…it could be good, it could be bad. For instance, if it ends “…a few drinks!” I think we need to stop and take a look at things. Or maybe “…to call my friend up and gossip about the people who made me mad today!”.

I know this is a dicey topic, and I’ll probably get a lot of flack for going here…but I’m okay with that. Before things get misunderstood though let me explain where I’m going here:

A few recent sermons at church contained mention of letting things that offend or upset you justify “that one sin”. How many times have we had a rough day and thought, “I didn’t want to do this…but I had a bad day!”?

Is there something you struggle with, or something that you take to a new level when you’re stressed out? Is it something that you wouldn’t do otherwise or that you use as a crutch when you’re stressed out?

Personally, I haven’t had a drink in about two weeks. It’s not that I haven’t wanted one, believe me I’ve had rough days. But that’s exactly why I haven’t. I started thinking of how I really don’t think that drinking alcohol is necessary, nor does it do anything good. So why do I do it? Most of the time it’s because of stress!

Now, having a drink is not a sin. We all can agree on that. But still, it’s the motives behind it. Am I drinking a beer because it goes good with my burger? Am I even having a burger? Am I even eating? Or am I doing it to unwind, because I know the chemical will alter my state of mind?

I realized that a lot of the time the latter was exactly why I was having that drink. I didn’t like that, so I am trying to change that. Maybe it’s a gray area, maybe it’s just how I feel about it…but the bottom line is that I didn’t want to do something in response to stress other than trust God, seek Him, and not change who I am.

For some it might be gossip, cursing, or some other sin that they are pretty good about except when they are under duress, then we give ourselves “a pass”.

What might it be for you? What can you replace that thing with?

I take a bike ride down to the beach access and look at the waves (and if I see some, I try and go surf!) sometimes. Just the alone time, time to pray, to have an escape from the house, the phone, etc.

Other times I’m able to put on a worship song and try to break myself down and remember what’s really important, and just how important it is.

At any rate, it’s hard. But dealing with stress in a constructive way, one that doesn’t separate part of our lives from God, is important.

Have a good day.


About Tre

I am nothing. Christ is everything. Anything that comes from me first came from Him. Everything I do should be for Him. These are the things we need to remember and why the blog is called "All for Jesus Christ"
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One Response to I had a bad day! I’m gonna…

  1. Janet Seeley says:

    Tre, This is a good post dicey or not! Funny how i was reading yesterday and one of the things I came across is how in pain or frustration God is really working in our life and if we truly succomb to his teaching and want to become more like him the change will come to his glory! Sometimes this is a hard pill to swollen (pardon the pun). I know when I am in pain… it isn’t easy to say “Wow this is exciting to see what God is going to do or what changes he is making in my life! Can’t wait to see the next open door!” Yet in all sense that is what the Bible tells us to do if we truly trust in HIS WAY and not our way.

    One thing I have to bring up… When Mac died there was a lot of teaching around the passage that says “Count it all joy….” and I remember calling Pastor Monte and saying I just can’t do that right now. It was a horrible time and I still do not understand the purpose. But I do know that I trust God and I pray I live my life for him alone.

    Thanks for sharing!

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